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Polari meter Student : Designed on Laurant's Half shade system, precisely graduated closed circular scale, short focus telescope with adjustable metal stand, complete with 200mm. glass tube. In thick card board box.


Polari meter: Same as PM- 51 but fitted with Biquartz giving Double Shade colour distinction.


Polarimeter : Same as PM-52 but fitted with Biquartz on heavy metal base with cylinderical metal housing for sodium vapour lamp. In thick card board box (without lamp and transformer)


Polarimeter Research: designed for medical & chemical research labs. With superior Half Shade nicol polarizer & analyzer, 100 mm dia scale divided 0-360° x 1°, sugar scale divided -30° to +130° ISS, micrometer drum 0.05° (3 mins.) & 0.1° ISS


Polarimeter Digital: Readout: 3½ digit LED display for degrees measurement Detection of angle of rotation: ± 200 ( - for levo and + for dextro ) Resolution: 0.1°, Accuracy: ± 0.1°, Light source:  Monochromatic light (620 nm), Weight:  4 Kg (approx.), Dimension: 150 mm (H) x 290 mm (D) x 400 mm (L), Sample tube: PVC Material 10 cm & 20 cm  Accessories: Screwdriver and Dust proof cover


Domestic advance digital circuit and microcomputer control based, LCD display storage of three times results for Re-M (repetition measurement) and calculation of averages value Measurement of dark coloured sample RS 232 interface. Measurement range-45°to +45°, -120° to+120°Z. Most suitable for sugar industries for sugar content measurements.