Polarizing Petrological Microscope

Viewing Head : Monocular/Binocular/Trinocular Head 45°, 360° rotatable Eyepiece : Anti Fungal Eyepiece WF10X Objective : Anti Fungal Achromatic Objective 4X, 10X, 40X Nosepiece : Quadruple Turret Analyzer : Rotatable Analyzer with Graduation 0°-90° Bertrand Lens : Bertrand Lens, sliding in/out of optical path Optical Compensator : Slip (first class red), ¼ slip, Quartz Wedge Revolving Round Stage: Diameter 135mm, 360° Rotatable & Graduated in 1° increments, Minimum Resolution 6’ when using vernier scale center adjustable Focusing : Coaxial Coarse and fine Knobs Polarizer : Sliding in/out of optical path located on the top of collector. Illumination : 6v20w Halogen Lamp. Dimensions & Weight : 34x30x46 cm & 7.98 kg Approx.