Lcd Projection Screens For Microscopes

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It is useful for projecting images of the microscopes on LCD screen. It can be fitted on Trinocular Tube of various types of microscopes viz. Biological, Fluorescent, Metallurgical, Zoom Stereos etc. The assembly consists of :

1. LCD screen with screen holder

2. Video camera having

(a) 420 TV lines

(b) RCA connection

(c) Universal Power Supply 100-240V


  1. It consists of High Resolution LCD Touch Screen with Windows operating system, Wi Fi connectivity, HDMI port etc.
  2. Digital USB Cameras 1.3 Mega Pixel to 9 Mega Pixel
  3. Image Analysis (Measurement)
  4. Software Image : Real-time Preview, Full-screen Display
  5. Image Setting : Contrast, Gamma, White Balance,  Exposure, Gain,
  6. Image Capture : Static (Still) and Dynamic (Video) Images
  7. Image Processing : Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Image Contrast, etc.
  8. Measurement : Calibration & Scale Setting 
  9. Document Function : Save file, Take prints and email instantly.


This assembly is useful for projecting microscopic images on a wide projection screen. It consists of :

1. Microscope with camera

2. Lap top

3. LCD Projector

4. Projection Screen