Student And Medical Compound Microscopes

Export Quality Student Microscope with iris-diaphragm and condenser fixed under stage. Packed in Thermobox. Objectives : 10x and 45x ; Eyepieces : 10x and 15x. Optional Wooden Box (ON EXTRA COST)


Export Quality Junior Medical Microscope With condenser movable by rack and pinion. With this movement of condenser, intensity of light can be increased and decreased according to the high power and low power objectives for better contrast and image. Packed in Thermo box, Objectives : 10x and 45x ; Eyepieces : 10x and 15x


Medical Microscope (Black Body): Designed for routine pathological tests in labs, hospitals and clinics (Superior quality). Monocular stable inalienable body with triple nose piece, having very precise graduated slow motion reading to 0.002 mm and separate coarse motion knobs, graduated mechanical stage, fixed eye-piece tube, rack and pinion motion for abbe condenser N.A. 1.2 with iris-diaphragm and filter holder with following optics. (Available in Black & Silver Color) Packed in Thermobox, Objectives: 10x, 45x and 100x (Oil Immersion)