Digital Zoom Stereo Microscopes

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Viewing Head:            Trinocular/Binocular Head tube inclined at 45° for comfortable viewing

                                   and rotatable through 360°. IPD 55mm. to 75 mm.

Eye Piece:                  Eye Piece WF 10X/20 mm with diopter adjustment of both

                                   Eyepieces & rubber eyecups.

Zoom Ratio:               0.7 : 4.5.

Total Magnification:    7x to 45x

Working distance:      80 mm regardless of magnification.

Focusing Range:       Rack and Pinion focusing system. Image remains clear, sharp and

                                  Accurate throughout the whole zoom range.

Illumination:               LED

Power Supply:           Switching power supply 220v 50Hz

Packed in :                Thermocole box


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