CIB-100 Inverted Tissue Culture With Phase Contrast Microscope

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Viewing Head: Trinocular Head Inclined at 30° Eyepiece: Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW 10X Objective: LWD Infintive PLAN Objective 4X, LWD Infintive PLAN Objective 40X, Infinitive PLAN PHASE Objective PH 10X, Infinitive PLAN PHASE Objective PH 20X, Nosepiece: Quintuple Nosepiece Condenser: ELWD Condenser NA 0.3. LWD 72mm, (Without Condenser 150mm) Phase Annulus: 10X-20X Phase Annulus Plate Stage: Plain Stage 160x250m, Glass Insert, Auxiliary Stages 70x180mm Focusing: Coaxial Coarse and fine adjustment. Illumination: Halogen Lamp 6V 30W Filter : Blue, Green and Ground Glass