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Rotary Microtome (Erma Type) : Is a standard Microtome at a moderate cost. Has a well-designed mechanism with latest cam drive system, enclosed in a metal cover and fitted on a heavy base.


Senior Rotary Microtome (Spencer 820 Type) : This model is a product of meticulous quality and embodies all the features of a standard sectioning instrument to give perfect and accurate results.


Sledge type is used for industrial sample biological sample with smooth movement of the sledge, precision specimen orientation, and emphasis on safety and ergonomics


Semi-Automatic Microtome with Touch Screen Panel: With LCD screen display and digital touch control panel is used for sectioning paraffin embedded tissues and other materials which are suitable for sectioning. Semi-Automatic Microtome’s are widely used in Pathology, Histopathology, Textile and other industries. Sectioning using a semi-automatic microtome enables study and analysis in Light microscopy, histology, electron microscopy, Spectroscopy & Botanical Microscopy.



The fully automatic microtome RS-355 AT provides utmost reliability, user benefit and outstanding operator comfort. Great basic stability and precision make this microtome a real multi-purpose instrument that meets the requirements both in paraffin and hard sectioning techniques of the biological, medical and industrial lab.



  • Fully automatic or manual model, its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized and manual sectioning, provides Reproducible high-quality sections.
  • Adopted Germany motor drive ensure slice more precisely, more reliable and quiet.
  • The LCD screen shows slice and trimming thickness, section counter, keyboard with controls for thickness, mode and speed that the sectioning is more smooth and the life of the knife is more longer.
  • Model of blade holder for high and low profile disposable blades.
  • The hand wheel can be locked in any position to ensure the sectioning as safe and convenient as possible.
  • The waste tray can be disassembled easily.
  • Safety alarm system, overload protection function. Sleep mode protection.
  • Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp.
  • Emergency stop.


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