SBM-104 Stereoscopic Binocular Microscopes

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Stereo Microscope are Used for viewing Opaque Objects in Electronics Industries, Gems and Diamond Stones, Metal Industries, Inspection & Teaching field, Biological & Medical field etc. FEATURES:- VIEWING HEAD : Binocular 45° inclined 360° rotatable ±5mm diopter adjustment IPD 55-75mm EYEPIECE : Anti-Fungal Wide Field 10x/20mm OBJECTIVE : FIXED 2X & 4X MAGNIFICATION : FIXED 20x & 40x ILLUMINATING SYSTEM : Transmitted & Incident Light 12V/15W incandescent lamp or LED with Battery Backup WORKING DISTANCE : In 2x Objective & 10x Eyepiece 86mm regardless of magnification (FOV 10.0) : In 4x Objective & 10x Eyepiece 63mm regardless of magnification (FOV 05.0) BODY : Base Fitted with Pillar for Height adjustment PRESENTATION : Packed In Thermocole / Styrofoam Box