CGM-6 Professional Gem Microscope

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• Offering Crisp Sharp & high resolution image with high dark illumination. It is a Professional Gemological Stereo Zoom Microscope. • Gemological Microscope Model: CGM-8 Possesses paralleled optical system with Zoom Ratio of 1:8. • Designing in economic idea, it makes operators feel more comfortable. SPECIFICATIONS Stereo Zoom Body - Zoom Ration 0.8X-5X, Working Distance 115mm Eyepiece - Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW 10X/22 with diopter adjustment Bright Dark Viewing Field Illumination - Iris diaphragm 2mm-41mm Bright & Dark viewing field illumination are available Illumination - 8W Fluorescent Lamp, Fibre Lighting, 6V20W Halogen Lamp Focusing - Focusing Range: 125mm It is suitable for observation different size gem & sample Gem Clamp - Quality steel clamp is perfect to hold the gem Stage - At both side, there are two gem clamp fixing holds for you to choose Stand - 0-38° Rotatable, so the eyepiece height and angle is adjustable OPTIONAL: Trinocular Head Auxiliary Image Analysis Software