Accessories For Zoom Microscopes

BS-11/10163 (Accessories for Zoom Microscopes)

Boom Stands - These are universal or boom stands of different sizes on which zoom head can be attached. Size of the stand is selected according to the size of object to be examined.



RL-101 / 10164-10165 (Accessories for Zoom Microscope)

This Ring Light is an incident Annular illumination attachment for stereomicroscopes. Fluorescent Illumination 110V or 220V/ 8W or 10W.

RL-101 / 10164-10165

  • LED with adjustable Brightness


FOP-202 / 10166-10170 (Accessories for Zoom Microscope)


FOP-202 / 10166-10170

  • Power Supply: Switch Power 110V/220V , T-H Lamp with Reflector 20V/150W or LED , Brightness Adjustable, Multi-coated IR Cutoff Filter for Heat Insulation Fan Cooling , Size: 260×120×150mm , Weight 3.3 Kg
  • Single Light Guide: Rigid Flection Tube, Length 500mm
  • Dual Light Guide: Rigid Flection Tube, Length 500mm
  • Ring Light Guide: Flexible Tube, Length 1000mm, Adapter Ring Size f50mm/ f60mm
  • Kohler Illumination Attachment (OPTIONAL): Can be attached on Single or Dual Light Guide to adjust and obtain even Illumination