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  • Original Price: 60000
  • Sale Price: 56000

Viewing Head: Ergonomic Sophisticated Black/Blue Colour layer on top of head.

Binocular/Trinocular Head tube inclined at 45° for comfortable viewing and rotatable through 360°. IPD 55mm. to 75 mm with Diopter adjustment on Eyepiece Tubes
Eye Piece: Spectacles corrected Eye Piece WF 10X/22mm with rubber eyecups
Zoom Ratio: 1:7.14
Total Magnification: 7x to 50x
Working distance: 80 mm regardless of magnification
Focusing Range: Rack and Pinion focusing system. Image remains clear, sharp and Accurate throughout the whole zoom range.
Illumination: Transmitted and Reflected LED Illumination
Power Supply: Switching power supply 220v 50Hz
Packed in: Thermo Cole box & cardboard box

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