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SPECIFICATION: The instrument is being used satisfactorily in various educational institutes. Pathological and research laboratories. It is also being used in textile industries by fixing micrometer eyepiece. This microscope has a specially designed projection lamp with 6v/20 watt Halogen Bulb to give the best possible performance and brightest light. Inclined shaped attractive body with 15cms dome (screen), detachable mechanical stage and optical combination of: One Eyepiece - 10x and A. Two objectives – 10x, 20x. B. Three objectives – 10x, 20x, 45x. OTHER OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: (1) Micrometer Eyrpiece 10x (2) Wall-Projecting Attachment : An attachment to project the image on wall-screen upto a distance of 5 feet which is useful for making drawings, thus serving the purpose of a microslide projector.