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SPECIFICATION :- Eyepiece : WF 10X, Wide Field WF 10X Infinity Plan : PL 4X/0.10 Achromatic : PL 10X/0.25 Fluorescent : PL FL40X/0.85 Objective : PL 100X/1.25 Eyepiece Tube : Trinocular, Inclination of 30° Epi-Fluorescent : 3W high brightness LED. Enable selecting monochromatic or Illumination System bichromatic LED light source, every monochromatic LED wave Band : Green (520nm-530nm) Blue (460nm?470nm) Fluorescent filters : B (Blue) and G (Green). Focus System : Coaxial Coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper, minimum division of fine focusing: 2?m. Nosepiece : Quadruple (Backward ball bearing inner locating) Stage : Double layer mechanical (Size:210mmX140mm, Movingrange: 75mmX50mm) Transmitted : Abbe Condenser NA.1.25 Rack & Pinion adjustable Illumination : Blue filter and Ground glass System : Collector for LED illumination and integrated field diaphragm 3W high brightness white LED, brightness adjustable. Optional Accessories:- Eyepiece : Dividing eyepiece 10X (Field Number 22mm) Objective : Infinity Plan Achromatic Fluorence objective 20X Cameras : Digital Camera or CCD Camera or Digital USB Camera Software : Image Analysis Software