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SPECIFICATIONS: - 1) C-Shape Body Open from Back to Carry and view Objectives. 2) T-Shape Base for Hand Rest both Sides below the Focusing knobs 3) Binocular or Trinocular 45° Head, IPD 55-75mm 4) Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X/18mm 5) Achromatic DIN Objective 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (Oil Immersion) 6) Double Layer Mechanical Stage 132X142mm/75X40mm, Double Slide Holder 7) Reverse Quadruple Turret. 8) Coaxial Coarse & Fine Motion (Fine Division 0.002mm) 9) Illumination 3W LED or 6V/20W Halogen lamp with Brightness Adjustable. 10) Packed in thermo Cole box. OPTIONAL: 1) Semi Plan or Plan DIN Objectives Set. 2) Quintuple Nosepiece 3) LED Battery Backup or Kohler Illumination 4) Wide Field Eyepiece 10x/20mm or 10x/22mm 5) Digital Camera, USB CMOS Cameras or HDMI-WIFI Cameras or HD or LCD Screens