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SPECIFICATIONS: Viewing Head : Siedentopf Binocular Viewing Head, Inclined At 30°, Rotatable, Interpupilary 47mm-75mm Extra Wide Field Eyepiece WF 10X/22 Backward Quintuple Nosepiece Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X Condenser : Abbe Condenser NA1.25 with Aperture Diaphragm Focusing System : Coaxial Coarse And Fine Adjustment, Fine Division 0.002mm, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per Rotation Moving Range 24mm Stage : Double Layer Mechanical Stage 216X150mm, Moving Range 78X54mm, two-slice is available Illumination : 3W LED Illumination Optional Accessories:- Video Adapter Polarization Attachment Phase Contrast Kit Dark-Field Condenser (Dry) Dark-Field Condenser (Oli) Kohler Illumination Epi-fluorescent Attachment